369 Gallery – 2005                      Cartoon of me at Art School

Welcome to my art site


If you are looking for paintings to hang on your walls and create some WOW factor you have come to the right place! : )


I am willing to undertake commissions from a cartoon to celebrate that special occasion or event for under £100 to a special present of an original oil painting for £100 to something big and impactful to suit your pocket or wildest dreams. I love to paint and maybe your walls would love a painting … Think big!


I initially trained as painter in the early 80’s at Bretton Hall College in Yorkshire, under the tutelage of David Hill the JMW Turner expert.


In the early 90’s I spent a year in Hiroshima, Japan, studying the exacting art of Japanese brush painting. My paintings combine an interest in anatomy and movement, freedom and form.
Teaching Alexander Technique and my art practice form the main core of my life.
(Along with my mad Cockerpoo, Crazy Maisie, curmudgeonly black cob, Angus and two miniature Shetland ponies, Lettie and Walter)


Mainly working in oil paint, I am interested in an expressive and bold use of paint.
However, I also love drawing and cartooning and am currently illustrating an Alexander Technique book for children, that I hope to publish by the end of the year.


I love to combine the exactitudes of drawing with the freedom and flow of paint, mixing abstract and figurative techniques.


About twenty years ago, I met an extraordinary man – a painter and shaman, in Zimbabwe. The boss lady at the Rhino Reserve I was working at, Imire, showed him the sketches I was doing of the animals. He gave me two pieces of advice that transformed me overnight to a selling artist.

The advice was this – finish every artwork you start, even if it is not your best painting or drawing – finish it, resolve the problem you have set yourself,  because you will learn something and it will take you forward.  Commit to each painting. That is a commitment to your life.
The second was the life is in the eyes. Get the eyes right and you can do anything with the paint. It was this last advice that launched my painting career.

Painting African animals and horses was for many years the perfect vehicle for combining abstract expressionism with fine art techniques. I love being meticulous and accurate, but also being free with paint, splashing it about, allowing the unexpected to happen!
My current paintings are based on the sea and the sky – the formless and transient.

This current exhibition was painted predominantly over the winter as a response to losing my dad to cancer. The sea as a metaphor has everything, a life times possibility for painting – life, death passion, healing, energy, adventure, sexuality, connection, boundaries, the body, flow, creativity, time, the mysterious, depth …. the sea has been teaching me.
I have blogged about the process of making this exhibition, blogging has been a new and interesting challenge, if a little vulnerable making!


I am also exhibiting hand painted sea trunks and small pieces of furniture. I am a finder and arranger of objects! Quietly painting sea chests has been an interesting contrast to the challenge of capturing the energy of the winter sea in my cold studio or at the beach.


I am interested in trying to capture movement using the flow of paint to express flow in an image. This links to my work as an Alexander Technique teacher which is also about freedom in body movement and thought. I have studied and taught the Alexander Technique for 30 years and am a member of the Society of Teachers of the Alexander Technique (MSTAT), qualifying as a teacher in 1995 under the tuition of the late Don Burton.


My blogs are also an enquiry into how Alexander Technique informs my painting.
This has also resulted in writing a free 8 day foundation creativity e-course, Let Go Make Art (Any Body Can Paint) available on this website.


I will be teaching my first workshop about this at The Moray Art Centre, Findhorn Foundation in September.


Click here to link to the art blog.


Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions about my paintings or course.

I look forward to hearing from you

Best wishes



Studying Waves this winter.