1000 Days Hence

1000 Days Hence

by Kirsten Harris


I woke up very early this morning feeling sad. Life changes when people die. My heart is so heavy. I don’t know how to get used to it.


Then I felt a bit curmudgeonly and frustrated that things seem to be stuck in my life……..Yet I AM HERE. I am healthy and I have energy. I decided to get up and pull nettles in my garden. I have been letting the weeds grow. Distracted by loss.


It’s a midge laden Scottish morning and I have quickly retreated inside again, being bitten by tiny annoying bugs is horrible. But I have retreated inside with an idea. It is swilling round my mind, where will I be a 1000 days from now?


A few years ago I did a project called 100 paintings in 100 days. It was a huge success and when it came to an end I really regretted that I hadn’t set myself a 1000 day challenge.

So I wonder today could I commit to a 1000 creative days? Maybe even write about art. Would I come unstuck, stay interested? Have I the time? Would it be successful or irritating to me and others like the midges?


These are both good and stupid questions but one thing is for sure I very much hope to be alive and creative in 1000 days time. i know that i will be creative for the next 1000 days though I don’t know what the from will be. I can’t help myself, I think about art all the time even when I am not making paintings.  A 1000 days hence –  hope comes in my grief. Commitment to my creativity. It is non negotiable. I will be here. I chose to allow spontaneity in the days that come. Improvising my life through art. So here goes…I have today where will it take me?

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