I Bought a Picasso

I Bought a Picasso


Yesterday I realised that my car didn’t just have car flu, it was terminal! I went to find a new one. My only demand to the dealer was ‘I need a big boot to carry paintings.’


‘I think we have the perfect car for you..a Picasso, low mileage, big boot, diesel.’


Ha Ha, Picasso, that does sounds perfect I’ll have a look.’

I was always going to be an easy customer – I had to buy a car.

The Picasso had a sticker of a giraffe on it from Blair Drummond Safari Park. A sign! It definitely had my name on it, I have lost count of how many giraffes I have drawn or painted.


‘Great! I’lll have it!’


Driving home, the last drive in my unsafe feeling old car, I started thinking about Pablo Picasso. Specifically his brilliant one line drawings.

Simplicity and control combined.


One line drawing is going to be my project today

Taking a line for a walk……..

Allowing hand eye coordination to find its way

Lots of paper and NO judgement

Observation and trust

Not controlling outcome, just allowing flow


Driving is a little bit like taking a line for a walk, so is mowing the lawn.

Driving and mowing, drawing in a different forms.


Today is a beautiful day.

My one liners are going to be of my ponies

The ponies can do the mowing

But first I will go and pick up my Picasso!





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