Pursue – Woo – Follow Through!


by Kirsten Harris


I am beginning to notice when people don’t follow through and am asking why.
I include myself in that statement.

It seems the world has gone in mad pursuit. Of what? If you ask people what they want, they seem unable to answer. It is like a dog chasing it’s tail. Exhausting. Fun but pointless.

The thrill of the chase it’s called – chasing money, chasing success, chasing love, chasing possessions, chasing followers… addictive stuff.

And the woo? Well we all know that’s addictive. It is lovely to be wooed, to be sold to, to be desired.

But the follow through … that’s a little trickier. We now own, have won or won over the object of our pursuit with our wonderful woo, and here comes the snag… there is involvement.

The adorable puppy becomes a 14 year commitment that needs to be walked and fed every day, doesn’t come when your in a hurry to go out, that has needs.

The horse has behavioural problems, he wasn’t what you thought he would be. But now you own him, he is your responsibility.

And how many men have I met full of pursue and woo, but with no follow through, but that’s another story!

The great idea needs follow through to come into fruition.

The behaviours that are needed for follow through are not of the addictive, high emotional, exciting arousal state type.

The behaviours are quiet behaviours – patience, loyalty, observation, awareness of ones own self, reliable thought, commitment, self reflection, physical hands-on work, appreciation, trust, listening, care, consideration, being present, courage.

When I don’t follow through I can usually find an excuse, which if I am honest is a half lie. I am pretty good at convincing myself that it is the truth, until it becomes a habit. Those habits are limiting beliefs that cause real physical tension in my body. They literally harm me.

‘I am too busy, too unwell, not good enough, don’t have enough time, people won’t like me, I am too old, I don’t have enough energy, I can’t be bothered, it’s not important, it can wait, they won’t mind…’ (add your own version of the excuse to the list)

Writing those words I feel my neck tighten, my breath becoming constricted. Those thoughts create body tension. My anatomy is affected by my excuses. A constricted body effects the quality of my life. Tension instead of appreciation of abundance. Tightness instead of flow. I am restricting my self.

We live in an age of poor self responsibility, the blame culture. And it’s a greedy culture, comparing our lack with others riches We want bigger, richer, better, more beautiful.

So I ask what do I want? When I get what I want from my action (my pursue and woo) is it followed by willing reliable response ability (follow through)? If I pursue and woo will I enjoy the follow through?
When is enough enough for me?
Why don’t I follow through?
When, where and why do I disconnect, physically and mentally?

Here’s my point –
I believe follow through is where the abundance is!
Follow through is the magic and creates magic.
Follow through is the land of riches and unlimited potential.
Follow through is full of surprises.
Everything starts to connect. The mind and body connects. The balance of the head neck back become one flowing comfortable easy attractive magnet for the good stuff in life.
Synchronicity’s occur
Opportunities emerge
Follow through is flow
Follow through is energy (so is money, that’s another blog)
Follow through is the unknown adventure

Perhaps we have to be a little braver to follow through?

Following through I am involved and I am evolving

I follow through and I feel better.

Free riches!

When I fully show up in life I am never disappointed.
When I let my excuses dominate me I hold low levels pain and anxiety in my body.
Staying in tight control.

So I am listening now to my excuses.
It is my belief that if we live a life of woo and pursue and forget to follow through we are missing out big time. We are not letting life teach us, lying to ourselves and to others, cutting ourselves off unnecessarily.

We short circuit the big picture, the anatomy of abundance, by staying in a limited loop of woo pursue woo pursue woo pursue. How exhausting! Mentally, emotionally and physically.

The abundant behaviour? Follow through to something new…
I’m going to….

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