Anybody can paint – Any body can paint

Anybody can paint –  Any body can paint

by Kirsten Harris


Two similar statements, the first one you may or may not agree with.


The second one is definitely true.


Anybody can paint is a statement which is often overloaded with negative voices –


I’m no good at art! I can’t even paint a straight line. I definitely can’t paint. I wish I could paint but I am rubbish. My teacher at school told me I had no talent. I don’t have the time to paint even though I was quite good at school. I’d love to paint but I don’t know where to start…


Any body can paint is true. You have a body and a brain that flows to a skilled hand. Yes YOU have incredible skill and talent. You just might not know how to use it in a way that you think of as art.


As an Alexander Technique teacher and artist I am interested in what blocks the flow of your inner artist (yes you do have one!) and how to free up this skilled creative talented self to enjoy painting and drawing.


What gets in the way of you enjoying expressing yourself freely on paper or canvas? Those excuses, thoughts or reasons that may not even be yours.


How does one let go to make art? You could start by picking a name for the unexpressed artist in you. Perhaps name your inner artist after your favourite artist. I call mine Picasso! It’s not very original but it makes me smile and smiling definitely helps me loosen up and not take myself too seriously so I can have fun.


Painting is fantastic fun!

What stops you from experiencing the tactile sensual delight of mark making or colours on a surface?


As a little kid you had no blocks as an artist.  Children love to paint.


When did you stop enjoying painting? Or do you paint and enjoy it but feel that you need to let go more, loosen up?


If you have read this far you are probably interested in art.

I am curious  – does art flow through you or do you get stuck? Do you feel dissatisfied with what you make?


I have met many people who have a collection of unused paints, sketch books and pristine brushes, that have been bought from a desire to paint. Faced with the blank paper, the expensive paints, they then become unable to express themselves. Anxiously they paint a tight little picture of a cat, or a tree or a landscape. Disappointed with the result they declare that they were never any good at art and put the art materials back in the cupboard.


Is this you?

Or do you have paintings that you are too embarrassed to show anyone?

Would you like help to free up as an artist?

Would you like to make art that you love?


I have written a free introductory online course ‘LET GO MAKE ART!’ –

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I am interested to hear your story so if you have time, do send me an email and let me know what you would like help with.


I promise to reply







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