Art and Alexander Technique – Free online course

Just a quick update to say my ANY BODY CAN PAINT – LET GO MAKE ART

Foundation Course is very nearly finished.


It comprises of 7 complete lessons coupling both art and Alexander Technique.


I have designed it for anyone who

  • would like to free up as an artist
  • wants to paint but is daunted by the white piece of paper or blank canvas
  • has a stack of unused art materials
  • feels they are not good enough to be an artist, despite enjoying art at school
  • was put off art at school
  • feels that their art work never improves
  • feels that they try to hard when painting and drawing but always get the same result
  • feels there is a budding artist waiting to get out
  • went to art school but has never painted since
  • gets aches and pains when they draw or paint
  • wants to paint bigger, bolder paintings
  • would like a different approach to art


As far as I am aware this is the first ever online art and Alexander Technique course!

Will it work? Only you will be able to tell me..


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See you then


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