Any Body Can Paint – Free Online Art Course

My free online art course based on Alexander’s discoveries is now ready to send out, so hopefully the techno side of things will be done tomorrow, and it will be with you by Friday at the latest….


Learning the Alexander Technique was a game changer for my art.


It gave me a confidence and freedom that I had been unable to find.

I started to really enjoy painting.

It turned me into a selling artist.


I have written this course for several reasons


  • I believe Any Body can Paint. The phrase anybody can paint might bring up all sorts of resistance in you, but you have a body, therefore any body can paint.  You can make images. I hope the course will set you on a new path to freedom.
  • Developing body awareness whilst you paint is key. Musicians know that body awareness drastically improve performance, so do actors. Horse riders too! I have taught Alexander Technique in these disciplines . But how about artists and people wanting to learn to paint and draw?
  • A couple of colleagues challenged me to draw from my 20 years experience as a selling artist, and my 20 years experience as an Alexander Technique to create a course for artists.


I am offering this foundation course free as it is a way for me to learn if I can indeed draw my two passions together. I have loved writing it. The only thing I ask is that you will send me an email at some point during or after the course and tell me how it went for you…


What you got out of it and what you would like in the future?

Where you are now with your art and if anything changed?


Fill out your email below and you will receive the course from me very soon.

I will be sending the lessons out over 8 days.





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