I am Successful!

I Am Successful!

by Kirsten Harris


I am successful, and that makes me feel good.

Does it shock you, me saying that?

It’s true! I am successful and so are you!


To be honest, I think I had forgotten the simple, fundamental fact – success is a state of mind!

It is pretty easy to lose a sense of success, with so many self-help programmes around, promising better health, more money, improved relationships….. if you buy this course, follow that programme, do this, do that! Let alone the consumer society.


I think I had let a whole set of confused, partially examined values, judgements, comparisons and fears make me feel unsuccessful!

All the ‘not enough’ thoughts had blinded me to my own absolute success. My thinking had got out of balance. I don’t need more money, better health, a nicer car, a husband.. to be a success. The fact that I am alive today proves that I am successful. It is so simple it makes me laugh!


I am successful right here, right now.

All the shoulds, try hards, I must improve and do, do, do thoughts simply slip away. Success is as easy as letting my neck be free!


My success and my sense of humour seem to be totally linked together. Inseparable friends in the kingdom of ease. Or in my case, the queendom of ease! I am a successful woman after all, and I love it.


As Einstein is quoted saying ‘Try not to become a man of success, but rather a man of value.’


How successful do you feel right now? Are you defining success or is an idea of success defining you?

I have been letting go of all the definitions of success that society shoves at me all day long and remembered that I am already successful. I am finding that it really is a much easier way to be. A fun, funny, inspiring freedom to be creative within.




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