Any Body Can Paint – Even A Horse!


Last year Angus learned to paint – with a little gentle encouragement from me.

A roll of pre-primed canvas and some black poster paint brushed on his hooves…

He loved it – anything for a carrot, and I love the result!

Angus’s paintings have been hanging on my kitchen wall ever since.


There was a serious aim to the fun idea.

I wanted Angus to be bolder, more trusting and accurate about where he puts his feet.

I just thought I would turn his training into art.

And of course, how cool a painting horse!

I believe any body can paint…..even a horse! He has a body, he can paint!

I have a painting horse..

IMG_2042                    IMG_0445

Have you always wanted to paint, but think you’re not good enough to be an artist?

Well if a horse can paint art that people love, you definitely can!


I loved the scroll that Angus made, very Japanese looking, but decided to cut it down and frame the result, after applying a bit of hoof oil to the canvas to give a sepia tint and disguise the inevitable odd muddy mark.


What do you think of the result?

Would you buy an abstract painting made by a horse?

Angus whispered to me that he might consider taking commissions… : )


I am offering a FREE online art course, available at the end of this blog.

I think the Any Body Can Paint Course is a creativity course that can be applied to music, coaching or writing etc as well as painting. That’s the feed back I am getting….


It is written combining Art and Alexander Teacher and is designed to free up your inner artist.


Why not give it a go and see what creative ideas you come up with… Let me know… the madder the better….


My Shetland Ponies, Lettie and Walter, feature in the course too!

It’s a bit of fun and it’s free.

The course is in the form of 8 emails delivered over 8 days into your inbox.


Giddy Up…Give it a go…


IMG_0434                   IMG_2043



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