Get Out Of My Way!

Get Out of My Way!
by Kirsten Harris


Get out of my way I want to create


Who or what is in the way?
Me of course!
It is only ever me, my thinking, that gets in the way of my creativity. Like a rabbit caught in the headlights I let fear, ‘excusitis’, laziness, procrastination, not good enough, no time, startle pattern trapped in my body – and another large dose and dollop of fear get in my way. Get out of my way you lot!


If it’s not love, it’s fear…..The two states are a choice, simple. I chose love! Not scared rabbit.


Creativity, be it painting or any other art form, is a work of love.
It feels vulnerable. We are falling in love…with ourselves…with our work, and we have absolutely no idea what the outcome will be. It is scary.


To be creative we have to allow the vulnerability and just go for it. Let go of the reasons why we can’t. Turn up and allow ourselves to love in the moment. Nothing, absolutely nothing is guaranteed! But it will NEVER be a waste of time.

Creativity may feel vulnerable but it is also powerful and safe.
Your feet are on the ground…. you are not going to fly off planet earth.
Your breath nourishes the work… inspiration.
Your head in the air….. let it soar, up up up to your wildest imaginations, dreaming in cosmic space.
Your heart is open …. allowing love to pour through you and out of you, onto paper, canvas, as painting, writing, music….

Being creative is a work in the present continuous…. you will never get it done.
It is an experiment with being alive. Being present to the freedom available to you, listening for your freedom.

And of course the startled rabbits are going to pop out of their holes, suddenly, unexpectedly. So what! Ignore them! Ignore the fear thoughts, you don’t need to stare back. They will flee back underground just as quickly. Magically disappear into the invisible dark warren.


Recently I wrote a creativity course – Any Body Can Paint. I wrote it in the flow, an outpouring of love.
My thinking is already developing about it…It now comes with a fun disclaimer!
I am not going to teach you to paint! You are going to teach yourself to paint….


Here is Vincent Van Gogh –
“If you hear a voice within you say you cannot paint, then by all means paint and that voice will be silenced.”
Substitute the word paint for create if you are not a painter.


My creativity course is a work in progress. It is where my creative flow is at the moment.
It is for anyone who needs some encouragement, who has resistance or fear they would like to let go of.
I aim to keep writing about my experiences with art and Alexander Technique, and yes, the rabbits are popping out of the holes, trying to distract me, get me to chase them. I am on a new journey. I would love you to join me.

Let’s make our lives more creative….No more startled creative rabbits caught in the headlights of fear.
The world NEEDS creative people right now!
The world needs your creativity. Your unique perspective. We need all sorts of creative solutions.

So my question is – do you need a little help turning your creative tap on?
In my opinion creativity is the FLOW.
When I get out of my own way it just happens.
The ‘art’ then is about getting out of my own way.
Why not give my 8 day course a go (see below)… It’s a start… art is in start…
You never know what your creative bunny might produce.You’ve read this far, maybe some bunny loves you….img_0518

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