What’s nagging away at you?


What’s nagging away at you?
Kirsten Harris


I am chewing the cud with regard those thoughts that nag away at me. What are they saying and what they are about? Why are they so persistent?
I have decided to call these nagging thoughts horse power thoughts, as I am realising that they are important messengers.

These are the kind of thoughts that I intuitively know are going to take me forward in life.  However I so often ignore them!

Do you know the ones I mean?

Does it happen to you?

The really good idea that feels difficult. The brilliant intuition that calls on you to move out of the so called ‘comfort’ zone, that to be honest with the nagging horse power thoughts in the background is more of a ‘discomfort zone.’


So why do I so often ignore these useful thoughts, ideas and inspirations? Those little whinnies from my stable brain that are not going to go away.
I ignore and they nag, nag, nag….For days, weeks, months and even years. And I carry on with the ‘donkey’ work, chained to the known and the should and oughts that I think I have to do..


Low level guilt accompanies my mule like resistance, as I plough through life’s duties.


So today my thought is that those nag thoughts are a call of my creative flow…
They are horse power thoughts…. and like a lively magnificent steed pawing the ground, inviting me to climb aboard, exciting and unnerving…

Horse power thoughts scare us because they are going to move us forward.
They are going to transform us.
Lift us out of the mundane, give us wings, help us charge forward in life.  In short, horse power thoughts may just change us to become the magical mystical creatures we really are.

Perhaps it is an inbred herd mentality that choses to stay safe rather than run wild and free with the horses of our creative mind.
We want to change yet stay exactly the same! Change means confronting our ‘true’ self? Yes,  that can be a little unnerving for sure!
And so I plod along in life instead of galloping forward.


Just like our equestrian counterparts I can tighten my neck when frightened…a horse power thought, hmmm, not today! Not enough time! Not enough money!
I  freeze and fix myself, hold my breathe or run away, pulling in the opposite direction or work even harder on what I already know.


So what is going to encourage me to move forward? The carrot or the stick? Probably neither….


I am called to tune into and listen to what my ‘horses’ are saying… to show up and be really present to that nagging, see it as whispers from my intuition, my higher self…and follow the impulses.

Follow the float.

Allow myself a little time each day to BE my horse power thoughts.

Those nagging voices are not going to shut up, I might as well listen, for perhaps they really are encouraging me gently to let go into the creative flow. To giddy up and enjoy the ride!img_0437

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