Diary of an Exhibition – Chasing Light

Diary of an Exhibition – Chasing Light – Day 2


I am chasing light

Obsessed with clouds

Tormented by the sky


I visited the bridge again today

The tide was out


Driving towards him  – a weather front

Torrential rain for the last few miles

But I could see clear sky in the direction of the bridge

I was excited


These are painterly clouds


The stream was bigger today, much bigger

She had a new energy, the rain had filled her


I painted the bridge before I left for the sea, getting to know him

He interested me more than I thought he would

I thought I would be scared of his structure, but I am not

Though I don’t yet know how to describe him


The oil sketch was terrible

My lungs started to hurt even though I was wearing a mask

I think the culprit was a ‘fast drying white oil paint’

I have thrown it away


But I have started

Better to start than to be scared of starting

Scared of making a fool of oneself

Who cares about that – only me –  and that is a hindrance

Let it go – be the fool


There were more rainbows over the sea today

I ran towards them


I took many photographs and wondered why I would need to paint

But a photograph is always inadequate

The grandeur is lost

No-one would chose a photograph over a Turner sea, a Constable sky…


The sky and sea of the last two days –  the paintings of August Strindberg


Homeward a grey sky with greyer pig clouds – they really did look like pigs, lots of them

Should I just continue painting animals?

i can paint animals!

Why am I wanting to paint the ethereal…the not there?


The sky is incredible today

The sky has wow factor


A giant leopard sky accompanied me home across the moor stretching her orange light body across the horizon, small clouds her spots

A horse appears next to the moon

The sky is mocking me

I should be painting animals

Another doubt thought

Who am I kidding.. wanting to paint like the great masters of paint


An expanding circular rainbow opens around the crescent moon lighting a lonely hill… Samuel Palmer would know how to paint this mystical, yet very British landscape..

I want to paint the night


Paintings in words


I had a strange vision of light and colour at the harbour

Steely graphite grey sea contained by the harbour wall

A richer deeper coloured sea beyond the limitations

I have set myself up to fail

Is it safe to leave the harbour?

The sea is rough


A moored red fishing boat

The horizon turns pink

Singing steel grey and pink – it’s a great look

The harbour sucks in the pink light energy

The rose tinted ease of sunset glows

The enclosure is suddenly circled by a large flight of spiralling white gulls

A painted vortex of light moving

Everything will be alright

Hunger is making me strangely visionary


It changes fast

It all changes too fast


I am questioning mediums…

My love is oils

How can I paint an entire exhibition in oils if my lungs hurt after an hour?


A painting is an object as well as an image

My lungs object to oils!

What kind of object am I making?




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