Diary of an Exhibition – Mask

Diary of an Exhibition – Mask


I allow myself to fail…. it’s a good strategy for success with oil paint, oil paint allows change

I am wearing a mask in the studio thinking about choices

Wear the mask and paint, or chose another medium?

I love to paint in oils


So today I chose to paint, and I will paint big and go for it


I will put my mask on and paint for the day….I will be disciplined and not breathe in any fumes


Painting the sea, I decide that it is easier to paint form than the formless

Painting the sea and the wind and the feeling of the beach is a challenge

Painting a horse or a lion feels easier

I stand at my easel and stay with it


The job is to feel – feel the movement, feel the space, feel the wind, feel myself there

A photograph is always going to be 2d and flat, no matter how beautiful

A painting has a chance of expressing something of the multi dimensional experience of being on the beach

Painting might seem old hat, but it does it for me!


When painting, it is best not to judge the progress of the painting

Stay present to every brush mark

Be in the painting


I am painting a large seascape

Evoking the beach

Disciplined about wearing my mask

The day is cold and sunny and bright, the door is open

Maisie dog is being undemanding


I woke this morning thinking about chalk pastels

The perfect medium to take to the beach

Instant colour

A solution for sketching

I am happy with that thought


I must make every brush mark count today

I can’t afford to waste my lungs –  too many years painting in oils and breathing in toxic fumes

Now I have to limit the amount of oil paintings I make


Today I painted the sea




Wind and Sea

Oil on Canvas

80 x 100 cms





Tools of the trade

The aftermath

I am a very messy painter!



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