Diary of an Exhibition – Triptych or Not?

I have been working on a triptych


The triptych started colourfully but the snowy light of the day seemed to influence the paint robbing the colour to a more subtle scheme


A triptych – 3 individual paintings becoming one

They have to work alone and together


I started to think of the painting in terms of relationship




And the thing between us – the relationship


Alone and connected, all of us


The thing between, in this case the middle painting, has to connect from both sides and make sense of the other paintings

The middle painting is a bridge

From one place to another


With this thought the painting started to develop a narrative…


Two boats on the horizon

The viewer is seperated

Hope lies far out to sea…


A heavy cloud has gathered over the small boats

Light is needed

A way to reach the boats…


The boats are alone

Connected only by waves and sky

Are the boats going away or coming towards?









For me, the painting works as 3 individual images


Do I stop here?

Or sacrifice the individual to make a cohesive whole?

Is it possible in this painting?


Finishing a painting is a little bit like correcting spelling mistakes and punctuation in a piece of writing

It doesn’t necessarily need much to bring it all together

To make sense of the structure

But often we need to look for a long time to find the missing comma

The missing brush stroke


Finishing a painting is finding a full stop.


Perhaps the full stop for now is the separated triptych

The bridge may not be possible in this work this time

A problem to solve another day



















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