Diary of an Exhibition – Lost Moments in Paint

Diary of an Exhibition – Lost Moments in Paint


As soon as you start a painting it becomes an attempt to find resolution to a problem

An ending
A visual solution

An idea unformed trying to find form
Each start is a commitment to the relationship
You are undertaking a journey
There is no turning back


The dialogue between colour and canvas, paint brush and intention


It’s no good stopping a painting before it is finished, no matter how hard the journey

If, by it’s completion, it is not your best painting, there are lessons to be learned

The next one will be better


I love oil paint because along the way you can change, change, change
Oil paint allows change in a way no other medium does


However lost moments in oil paint are the result
Sad sacrifices
Brave goodbyes (hankie moment coming up – sob sob..)


These images are some of the lost moments this week
Paintings that have emerged briefly

Moments of thought

Moments of almost resolution
The paintings that lie beneath are waiting to emerge another day
Glimpses of potential


I learned a word this week form my singer songwriter friend Woodstock Taylor – palimpsest
– a manuscript or piece of writing material on which later writing has been superimposed
– something reused or altered but still bearing visible traces of its earlier form


These images are some of the painting that lies underneath



The painting hidden within my paintings this week




The moments that existed – were enjoyed and now are gone




Paintings surfacing briefly now hidden under the surface



Thank goodness for a camera!


The sacrificed teaches – You have got to be brave, be prepared to lose and still move forward

You have to be prepared to change
So, my palimpsest paintings are starting places for the next paintings to be made


Ideas to come back to and reclaim

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