Diary of an Exhibition – Vapours, The Incident of the Mask!

Diary of an Exhibition – Vapours, The Incident of the Mask


GOOD NEWS! I am more an idiot than a lunatic!


Turns out that the mask I have been wearing had a dust filter and not a vapour filter in it! Who knew? Not me!


But my brilliant 80 year old retired biochemist friend, listened to my woes and thought something was odd, so took down the details, researched the mask and told me of my mistake.


No wonder my lungs have been hurting!

An artist with the vapours, Victorian melodrama scenario, light headed damsel in distress. and my very own Miss Marple… plot solved.


However, I AM going to experiment with other mediums for a while, and a couple of wonderful folk have pointed me in the direction of water soluble oil paints which I have NEVER tried. So something new waiting to be discovered.


I have been thinking about relationships – lungs, air, the sea, breathing, waves, Alexander Technique, wind, form… and getting ideas for paintings. So am turning a depressing blip of a few days into something positive in my mental sketchbook.


Meantime AHA, the incident of the mask over and note to self lots of Whispered AHHHHH’s – releasing out breaths to clear my lungs deeply.


I keep mentioning the whispered ah – if you want to find out more and why the school kids I teach call them ‘get out of jail free cards’…Click here


to a go to media download BREATHE, lessons in the Alexander Technique


Today am feeling a huge sigh of relief and blessed to have the Alexander Technique and clever problem solving caring friends in my life!





Detail from ‘Luna Sea’

Oil on Canvas

80 x 100 cms



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