Diary of an Exhibition – Flow is a Wavy Line

Diary of an Exhibition – Flow is a Wavy Line


I walked on the beach yesterday thinking about painting seascapes and really hoping the sea air would clear my lungs

I was in a great flow of painting these last two weeks, then I messed up my lungs by having the wrong filter in the mask
A high followed by a low
Flow disrupted


But it has got me thinking about breathing again – to breathe, to be inspired




Breathe out, breathe out, breathe out, let go….
I have been doing lots of Alexander Technique whispered ah’s and it has helped a lot


I started to think about flow as a wavy line, the ups and downs of it
Flow is certainly not linear
Trying to control flow doesn’t work (well not for me)
But in such a linear wold it is easy to forget that, and bang our head against a hard wall


Flow, as in inspiration, being in the flow and letting artwork flow, just happens…
Like breathing
We don’t have to think about every breath
Yet we can bring our breath under our conscious control


Painting or drawing is like that
We make a conscious decision to show up to paint
To organise the art materials
To be present
Yet we don’t have to think about every brush stroke
We can let it flow
Not know where the next line is gong to go to
Be surprised by the journey of hand and eye on paper or canvas
Arrive at a new place, a new painting


Breathe and draw
Breathe and flow
Breathe and be delighted


Moments in time
Moments of breath


Flow surprises us
Flow is changeable
Ever changing


Flow is shifting and shifts
Present moment present time
Flow is present to oneself and more
Flow is getting out of the way
Flow allows…


Flow is a gift
Whispers of intuition
Barely heard ideas murmmering in the back of our mind take us there
Ignoring what comes in as intuition on the breath stops or limits the flow
When flow arrives it feels great
Flow is timeless
Flow is unpredictable
Flow is interesting
Flow cannot be contained…


‘Flow take me over and bring grace’ – a prayer, a meditation….


I visited the bridge in the sea yesterday
The starting place for this exhibition
The tide was out again
I will keep going back until the tide is in…


Breathe out, breathe out, breathe out, the tide is out
Just keep breathing out
Allow it out
Take your time
Release slowly, softly, calmly, consciously
Waves come in groups of seven I believe… the seventh wave the biggest…
Breathe out…the in breath will simply flow in


Someone had graffited a message onto the bridge
Scrawled the words EASY on it’s structure


Flow is easy
Yet finding flow can seem tricky
In reality it is never more than a few breaths away
Maybe it is always there, just our perception is clouded, our breath held, fear masking the flow… breathing can be the bridge…


Flow and courage
A brave heart to be that vulnerable
Breath massages the heart


This week I chose not to worry or nag the flow but to let it take me….
Breathing my heart

A few conscious inspired out breaths are all I need to bring to the drawing board
Awakening tides
Awakening the feel
Awakening drawings with my breath
Drawing breath


Let flow take me up or down, into light or shade, let flow be a wavy line
A wavering line
Uncertainty is Ok

Show up


This week I choose to flow into drawing with no expectation of outcome, which is just as well as I have only ever painted the sea in oils so far…

‘Forward and up and over the bridge’….
A title for a painting perhaps


For more about breath and inspiration CLICK HEREimg_3650

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