Diary of an Exhibition – Boundaries


The incident of the mask has made me think about boundaries

I thought I had a strong boundary in place by wearing a mask

Yet I still got hurt…


How often do I think my boundaries are strong when they are not?

How often do I think I am doing the right thing but in reality I am doing it in the wrong way?

How do I know?


Wise friends are needed

Filters on reality…


The shore is a boundary

The boundary shifts with the tide

Out and in breathing the moon

Eternal rhythm washing

The boundary can be shallow deep

Cold warm

Safe dangerous

Harsh gentle

Undercurrents pull

Storms bring debris and treasures


The boundary between life and death


Breathe the wind


My dad died this year and sometimes I feel like I am drowning


I have time

Let go

Allow feel again


Boundary less




Trust depth breath thought … the direction of the tide

Go go go, float away, let go … be brave – glide

The water is too cold for me to swim!


Once I was held upside down in water

I drowned and was reborn

My body flowed like never before

I was grateful to be guided there

The water was warm

I loved the people who showed me the water


Little by little I let go

The sea helps


I chose to paint the place where sea meets land

To really see the edge of the world

My island


Painters paint not because they want to

But because they have to

To understand

It sounds pretentious right? But it is true

Why would you do it other wise?


‘Painting is with me but another word for feeling.’ John Constable




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