Diary of an Exhibition – When you are Dead…

When you are an artist people regularly joke ‘You will be rich when you are dead’ or

‘I have to wait until you die, then my painting will be worth a fortune!’


Is there any other job where folk anticipate your death for monetary gain, even if it is in a jocular fashion. I guess it is quite flattering really!


I painted this seascape today, in oils, wearing my new vapour mask, and my lungs still hurt.


I don’t know whether it is spending the day breathing in condensation from the inside of the mask, or the fact that it is practically impossible to completely avoid fumes in the course of a day, but I realise that I have to STOP painting in oils.


It’s 33 years since art college and I have painted hundreds and hundreds of oil paintings. I can’t say I haven’t followed through. I have. But enough is enough..

I get the message…

NO MORE FUMES or it will be an earlier than necessary demise for me and all the jokers will be cashing in!


I didn’t expect this blog to turn into some sort of bad soap opera…. but there it is, my apologies!


I accept that the time has come to give up being an ‘oilpaintaholic’  and I want to swear a lot about it!


Going to battle with oil paints and brush has been challenging, exciting, interesting and fun and oil painting has been my love but I get the message…STOP HURTING YOURSELF!


So, if you own one of my oil paintings….look after it!

Looks like there’s not going to be any more!


One door closes, another door opens…



‘Sea Air’

50 x 60 cms

Oil on Canvas


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