Diary of an Exhibition – A Line in the Sand


A day at the the beach

Walking the spine

Drawing a line in the sand

Sea air


Shifts in energy patterns


I have been looking at the wave patterns on the beach seeing bodies … body consciousness … body maps on the beach …


I am lying in semi-supine a lot

Coming back to my back

For inspiration, release, rest, renewal and because it is cold and dark and winter and my Alexander Technique table is warm and rejuvenating

I can imagine lying on a warm beach, letting go, feeling good …


When I lie in semi supine, my realising muscles let go like grains of shifting sand, changing my perceptions and my feel …


Waves of my breath and the waves of my thinking effecting my muscles

Allowing change …

Expansion …

Allowing shifts in form and consciousness …


There is time to find freedom …



Angels, dancing being


Ribs, a spine, connective tissue…


Female forms, a circle dance, rhythms



The embrace – a madonna and child



Walking the ribcage..

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