LET GO MAKE ART – It’s Body Magic! – Free Creativity Course

I have consistently produced artwork over the past twenty years …


I have not only paid my living expenses, but I have bought a house, some land, a horse  –  from selling my art. I am an independent artist!


Despite the fact that as a child I heard at school and from the adults around me  –


‘You will never make it as an artist’

‘You are not good enough’

‘Artists are crazy!’

‘It is too difficult to make your living as an artist’

‘Do something sensible with your life!’ ….


And despite being rejected from 5 art schools!


I have proved them all wrong!



By learning the art of Body Magic…inspired by the wonderful Alexander principle…



  • By learning how to bring my whole self into the process of making art – body mindfulness!
  • By learning how to let go of unhelpful and often unconscious habits that block the flow of creativity
  • By developing a reliable understanding of my anatomy and how my thinking effects my movement, which in turn effects the art I make…
  • By learning how to make things easier!


This free 8 day e-course will help you do the same …

Learning Body Magic is all about finding EASE…


If you are interested in letting go to make art and finding out about the art of Body Magic at the same time this course is for you!


And it is FREE!


If you are interested in finding inspiration for your creativity why not give yourself a present and SIGN UP NOW at end of blog.


If you are already a creative person but feel you are stuck or need a creative jump start, a different perspective, then this free course may be just what you need…

Why not give it a go?


Being an artist or creative person of any kind is, in many ways,  being an alchemist or  magician –


  • Taking materials and transforming them into something wonderful…
  • Taking a piece of cheap paper, for example, and transforming it into something of high value by adding your unique presence to it!
  • It is so simple really and anything goes in art!


Success in art is available to anyone these days! Magical you, you can do it too!


It is just that so often we get in our own way by not having the confidence to let go and make art, by not believing in ourselves and our own unique perspective ..




Your art may lead you to riches… you never know… you + art = pure gold.


Being an artist is all about creating a better future for yourself and others …

The world needs artists and creative thinkers right now.


So why not Let Go and Make Art?  It is Body Magic indeed.


Sign up below and 8 lessons will arrive magically into your in-box for the next 8 days and ease you into your art and your creative process.


More about Body Magic on the course.


See you there!


It’s fun!


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