Diary of an Exhibition – Sea Chest Restoration Project

I went out yesterday to the seaside searching for a treasure chest, as you do…

And yay, I found one, a genuine sea chest!


Unfortunately someone has painted it in pale blue gloss on the outsideimg_3939


and brown emulsion on the inside of the lid… badly!


The maritime rope handles are amazingly skilfully constructed and I suspect irreplaceable because of that.


The worse thing for me is that the rope handles have been painted blue too!

A clumsy insensitive paint job.

I have no idea how to get gloss paint off rope… Any ideas?

Am going to try sand paper and wire wool, but suspect it may be impossible to get off!


If this chest wasn’t already painted I wouldn’t be thinking about painting it, as it would be gorgeous in its original antique pine condition.


However, as it has been, ahem, ‘up-cycled’ or rather vandalised in my opinion, it is therefore an ideal and genuine restoration project.


Luckily the interior is in it’s original condition and will remain so. I just need to sand out some drips of blue gloss.┬áThe candle box is still there! Precious candles, precious light!


So, this leads me to a theory I have about flow … being in the flow.


I went out to find a treasure chest one Monday morning in December and I found one, my words when I saw it were ‘that is exactly what I am looking for!’


But it was a little more than I wanted to pay and painted blue gloss. The rope being my biggest hurdle.


But if I didn’t buy it I would be taking myself out of the flow …

What were the chances of finding exactly what I was looking for?


The chap said it had just come in.

As it was sat at the front of a huge barn full of nikkanakkynoos next to an open van that was being unloaded, there was no reason to disbelieve him.


My treasure chest and I had arrived at the same time!


I wonder what voyages this salty old sea chest has made?

In the days of sea mail not email…


I am looking forward to repainting it ….

(Flow… the best justification for buying a sea chest ever!)



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