Diary of an Exhibition – Memory Box – Forget Me Not

Work in progress ….


Having fun painting this, with a nod and a wink to saucy art of the past, often, as with this, discreetly hidden.


Loving the retro sexy mermaid!


I want to find a padlock and key for the box.  As yet I am not entirely happy with the outside.


I think I probably just have to rough up the bird a bit to make it look older. Argh, what a terrible sentence!


I love the idea of having a place to store memories. A real physical object that is solid and sturdy and will last. Not just memories popping up on face book, but a proper time capsule.


I found the box in a pop up junk shop, it is not antique, so am not sure what it has been made for, maybe a stage prop. But it is goodly and solid and I pounced on it.


The lady in the shop said lots of people had looked but no-one could see a use for it! Mad!


In some ways I wish I had just painted the inside… but that is art for you.. an experiment.


At least I know that the antique sea chest that I am in the middle of restoring from the coat of blue gloss paint that someone slapped on it,  I will just paint an image on the inside of the lid.







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