A.R.T. – The Sweet Spot of Creativity

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How do we find our creative sweet spot, our zone, that magical place where our creativity flows?


It is the thing that all creatives – artists, musicians, horse riders, meditators, dancers  – have in common.  The knowledge that the sweet spot is indeed SWEET and that returning to it, renewing it, replenishing it, is a joy –  nourishing, fulfilling, inspiring, invigorating … In short the reason that we peruse our passion!


Here is an Alexander Technique inspired take on the art of finding the sweet spot – A.R.T


A attention, awareness, arriving in the present moment. The intention and ability to really show up right now to allow something to appear before us.

The appearance, the apparition, the manifestation, our art, can only arrive when we attend fully to what we are doing now – allowing it to happen. Asking for it, the magical, to awaken.


R – respecting our selves and what we receive when we open our creative antenna into the space around us. The space that we have created that we are giving our full present moment attention to in order to allow the sweet spot of art.

Respecting our creativity and rolling with it, flowing with it, going with it.

Rejecting any thoughts of not good enough as those thoughts mean we are rejecting our creative self. Respect rather than reject as you respond to the moment.

Rejoice in what you have made, honouring your creativity, your art. It is replenishing you. It is a gift.


T – Time – giving ourselves the gift of precious time to devote to our creativity. Decide to take time for the creative self often no matter what! Time to develop skills. Time to listen to the guidance of our thoughts. Time to humbly allow art to move through us. To be a creative is to be a transformer of thoughts and ideas, inspirations and dreams into action.

Trust the process of creativity. Really trust yourself and what you make as valuable.

Our creativity has something to tell us and teach us as it moves through us and out into the world.

Be thankful for and treasure your creative self.


If I am to pick 3 words to sum up ART it would be Allow – Respect – Time!

What 3 would you pick or add to the list?


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