Diary of an Exhibition – Abandoned


‘Art is never finished only ever abandoned’

Leonardo da Vinci


Last week I revisited abandoned paintings …

Paintings that hadn’t been resolved but had something going for them that was worth a relook.


A week of attempting to reconnect and find resolution with abandoned ideas.


Sometimes we all need time to restock, reboot and recharge – paintings are like that too.


Time gives us a perspective and a fresh eye on things.


I have another theory about time and paintings – that paintings ‘gather energy’ over time. The more that they are looked at and appreciated the more alive they become. It is a long standing thought and although it sounds vaguely bonkers, I believe it is in alignment with current theories in quantum physics. Who knew?!



‘Rising Tide’ Oil on Canvas, 80 x 100 cms


My paintings of horses gathering dust not energy in the studio – reconnected with, more energy added, possibly to be abandoned again or more time spent together?


I am thinking about sea horses, attempting to add a feel of this element to the work –  big breakers seen last weekend  –  wave upon wave of power, force, rythm,flow …


Standing on the beach looking out for the really big wave to come rolling in, waiting for it, the breakthrough.


The sea horses are a bit of a side track from pure seascape.

However it’s a good studio discipline, attempting to resolve everything started.

Learn the lessons to break through to something new.


Each separate one a relationship, a dialogue and a journey with a possible surprise, a happy ending, a resolution in store.


Sometimes it takes months, even years to find resolution.

Other paintings arriving quickly and seamlessly, barely remembered … The ease a result of the journey, struggle and time spent on the abandoned works in progress …


(Incidentally, discovered if the temperature is cold enough in studio the oils have no fumes, Scotland in Winter!)



‘See Horses’ Oil on Canvas, 80 x 100 cms







‘Wave upon Wave’ Oil on Canvas, 100 x 120 cms







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