Diary of an Exhibition – Everyone Else is Taken

‘Sometimes there are Rainbows’

Oil on Canvas

40 x 50 cms


‘Be yourself everyone else is taken.’ Oscar Wilde


This is great advise for any artist and I found myself saying words to that effect out loud in the studio a couple of days ago.

‘This is MY painting’ I exclaimed!


The reason for my outburst was that other artists had got into my head and it was NOT helpful.


Looking at art is great, being inspired is fantastic, but when it comes down to it we need to turn up in the moment and be ourselves.

Just let go and make art!

How hard can that be?


So simple yet a work of conscious awareness.


I know when I am making art and when I am just making pictures – there is a difference, it is a lot to do with my thinking.

Am I right here right now responding to the colour and canvas?

Or am I interfering by ‘watching’ myself doing the painting, trying hard to do something good rather than simply enjoying painting, feeling it, being it, judgement and everything else suspended for now.


This painting caused the outburst ‘It is my painting!’ and that outburst was me claiming me.

The painting arrived.

I wanted to paint a rainbow seen at the beach at North Berwick on Sunday.

Could I paint a rainbow without it being naff or cutesy?

The title came too …

‘Sometimes there are Rainbows.’


Sometimes there are rainbows in our thinking …

In other words like the clouds, rain and sun that creates rainbows, a combinations of emotion, flow and energy creates gaps in our habitual thinking that allows something magical and unexpected to happen … rainbows out of the blue, delightful always.

This is a painting that seemed to paint itself because I got out of the way and let it happen.

No matter what we think of our creative results – these rainbow moments of surprise in our creativity methinks are to be honoured and cherished.


As Edgar Degas said

‘Only when he no longer knows what he is doing does the painter do good things.’



Try letting go to make art … just be you!

You might surprise yourself with some rainbow moments in your creative passion.

Find a link to a free 8 day based creativity e-course –  Let Go Make Art –  Link below.

Written to free up your creative thinking combining art and Alexander Technique. It’s fun …

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