Diary of an Exhibition – Painting, Stress and Death

Somehow I have to find a way through the grinding pressure I am feeling today and get myself out into the cold and paint …


I don’t have – to I want to …

I have committed to paint an exhibition by the end of April …

It is a clear intention!


I can’t let blinding, distracting, deathly boring, unfulfilling, monstrous stress get in the way – all that pressure can F**K off!

There is plenty of everything, including time, and I am claiming it for art.


I remember after surgery nice people telling me I would be able to paint while I recovered. ‘You’re having a laugh’ I thought as I smiled sweetly back.


Painting in oils is not a polite activity, a genteel pursuit. It is demanding, grimy and difficult.


If you want to fast track to self awareness, warts and all, pick up a paintbrush and let it be your magical wand of transformation! I am not kidding, give it a go – paint!


Today I am simply tired, yet I have the space and time to paint. I have freedom to paint. It is a gift. All that is required is that I stretch my energetic direction and find the wave that will take me forward…

The flow thrown up by the sea that I can surf for the rest of the day without having to do any more than show up, be present, balance on the wave and allow ….


How difficult can that be?


Die stress!

I choose to paint … watch this space!




Oil and Sand on Canvas




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