Diary of an Exhibition – Size Matters

(A small and large painting framed, wrapped and ready to go!)


It turns out size matters …


I can do big

Big excites me

Big is a challenge to be enjoyed

Something to build up to and explore

Big is fun

Big is an experience

Big demands your attention


And I get thrilling intimate pleasure from a small size


But that in-between size is just not doing it for me


Something about scale and intent …

Big and I have to really open up and out, spread out my intention, really use my legs and arms and eyes to move across the scale …


Small and I can use my imagination and dive into the space and discover interesting moments

Pleasurable details

Find delicacy and finesse

Small is an invitation to come in and savour exquisite moments in time

Small is beautiful


But that inbetweeny size seems less exciting

Too predictable perhaps?

Or perhaps just too habitual, too normal, too everyday …

Too much what we are used to seeing …


The trouble is most people want medium, people understand medium


People seem to have a problem with housing big, goodness knows why!

Big makes a statement

Creates a sensation

Big has wow factor


Small is interesting, an invitation to envision and contemplate a private space …

Small is a meditation …


However I am going to really have to get to grips with medium to get this show on the road!


(The crazy things that occur to me when struggling with a medium size painting!)



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