Collecting Treasures

I have been painting a series of small paintings

Small treasures  … I love my small paintings.


Small paintings are a place where an artist develops and works out ideas …

A chance to really experiment and play …

Creating a depth of field in a limited space …

A place for the imagination to linger ….


One buyer of my work who owns a couple of small paintings, told me she often sits with a glass of wine in the evening and stares at the paintings, letting her imagination journey.

She told me it amazes her that she never gets bored looking.


Another collector told me he hung a small painting bought at another exhibition at the end of his bath and meditates in its space as his body floats out in the warm water. Again he said he never tires of drifting in the painting, and that fact kind of baffles him. How can the same image continue to reveal ideas and inspiration? The magic of art!


I am selling small framed seascapes and shell paintings for £100 each at my forthcoming exhibition in Edinburgh next week.

I always have £100 paintings for sale on my website.

Why don’t you start collecting small treasures?


Intimate small paintings are a great way of starting an art collection and discover why owning a real and original piece of art is different from owning a print … Why a real painting in the house does something for your imagination, your soul,  on a daily basis.


Actually I could have a rant about why real art is better, but will save that for another blog. Tee he.


I hope you like these small treasures as much as I do.


I can ship world wide by arrangement.


Look forward to seeing you in Edinburgh if you can make it, or get in touch with me the website. I will be putting up more examples of £100 treasures later this week …


Here are a few from the treasure trove ….



‘Movement’, Oil and Sand on Canvas



‘Directions’ Oil and Sand on Canvas



‘Transparency’ Oil on Canvas



‘The Rock and the Sea’ Oil on Canvas



‘Fire and Water’, Oil and Sand on Canvas, Framed




‘Iridescence’, Oil and Sand on Canvas, Framed




‘Three Sisters’, Acrylic on Canvas, Framed




The Space Between Sounds, Acrylic on Canvas, Framed







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