Golden Firefly and Red Dots

Golden Firefly, Oil on Canvas, 120 x 150 cm


Many years ago the famous Zimbabwean silversmith Patrick Mavros gave me some advice …


‘When you hang an exhibition take everything you could possibly need with you! Don’t arrive and then ask the gallery to borrow a hammer or a ladder or a pair of scissors. It is really unprofessional. Turn up and hang your exhibition with minimum fuss. It sounds obvious but the advice will stand you in good stead.’


It has!


Today I am going to rent a van and take my seascapes exhibition to town – beautiful Edinburgh.

I AM organised –


Paintings painted and framed

Labels printed

Tools packed

Music system loaded

Bubble wrap on stand by

Wine bought! …. One of the few jobs where throwing a party IS part of the job!


The only thing left to do is buy more red dots!

The red dot, the joyful symbol that a painting is SOLD!

I love red dots!


I am feeling happy and optomistic today as I sold 4 paintings from my website yesterday … unexpectedly!


And even better they are paintings that I was not taking to the exhibition including Golden Firefly. A beautiful leopard looking at a red dot! Ok, it’s a firefly really!


(I am fascinated by the implied movement and poise between the firefly and leopard and have painted three different versions over the years. Blog link here ‘Why do artists repeat themselves?’)


I hope you will come to our exhibition  … I am celebrating already!



There is real joy when someone loves your work and wants to hang it in their home.


I am excited about the long day ahead hanging paintings …


And delighted that Golden Firefly is off to the picture framers on my way into town, it is a very big painting and I can utilise the van …


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