Field of Intention

All winter Crazy Maisie Cockerpoo and I have walked around the field behind my house. I walked, she ran and ran and tirelessly chased her ball.


‘Be more Maisie!’ My new motto since she came into my life!


All winter I have had the thought that I could do an entire exhibition based on this one field. Every day it changes – the sky, the clouds, weather, light conditions, plant growth, colour. I love the trees – old beech trees, gnarled scots pines, a little stream running down the side, sometimes deer, hare – old land.


Today I was meditating on ‘father time’ before my walk.

Have I enough time to do all the paintings I want to do in the amount of time I have? Of course … I decided!

Time is magical … set your direction, cast your intention forward in time like a spell and it will all line up. Time opens out and the space is available.

Then you just do it, show up. A spell of time to paint.


In the field this morning seeing the first dandelion clocks of the year I remembered I was walking amongst them last year when mum phoned to say dad had died in hospital in Portugal.

Time passes …  Ethereal clocks.


The just completed seascape exhibition has been an incredible healing journey.

An emotional voyage.

The emotion palpable in the paintings.

I know it and visitors to the exhibition commented on it.


Today I have decided that I will base my new work for my next exhibition on the field and call it Field of Intention. It will be an exhibition of landscapes and seascapes.

Perhaps metaphorically I have landed on earth again after the voyage of grief.


Intention set, the new work can begin … time to see what happens next!


Field of Intention

Exhibition of Landscapes and Seascapes

Moray Art Centre

Findhorn Foundation



Exhibition runs from 29th August – 1 October






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