Anti Art!

Walter Yawing… Animals have no problem being exactly who they are!


These last two weeks I have been like a bee in a bottle, buzzing but not flying!


A few years ago a friend told me I had a bad habit of going from one art project to the next without stopping to take time out to celebrate my successes. I took the advice to heart and changed my behaviour.


This time round I have come to the conclusion that it was not good advice for me!

By stopping to celebrate and recuperate I lose the flow …

I am lost and frustrated …

The kindly advice was anti what art is to me and it’s time to let it go!

Funny how we can take on ideas that are not a good fit for us!


Not being in the flow of creativity/painting is like being in some kind of weird ante chamber waiting room with lots of doors in it, wandering up to a door, hesitating and going to another door but not entering …

Not committing is torture for me!


Art is my honey and without it nourishing me I am a bee in a bottle, buzzing but not flying, seeing the field but not being free in the field.


Today I started to paint again and I am smiling.

My eyes are smiling again … contemplating colour, the feel of brush on canvas.

Well being cascades …

It’s science … the eyes smile and the entire physiology responds positivity. It really is all about how you see things!


Not painting puts me into a mini startle pattern! I get tense, tetchy, tired …

I paint and life flows!


It is a beautiful day – bluebells and crab apple blossom. The swallows have returned to nest in the stable. Angus is droopy lipped and wanting scratched.

No car noise, no humans, just nature humming … and the thought that I am in paradise.


Today I embrace my ‘paintaholic’, and no longer need to stop to celebrate successes!

Instead I allow every day to be successful, everyday to be a celebration of all that is wonderful that is our Planet Earth and happy to feel happy again because I am playing and writing and painting….elephants!

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