The Daily Ease Colouring Book – Alexander’s Story

A few years ago to entertain the school children that I teach, I wrote Alexander’s story in verse.  Mad I know but they love it and it is a fun way of sharing the history of the technique.

I usually wait until one asks ‘Who was Alexander?’ and then the verses comes out!

They lie in semi supine and I read them the story.

The children are usually hugely impressed that the whole thing rhymes and very complimentary … They are well brought up children!!


I loved rhyme as a kid and think it is a memorable way to learn.

Perhaps we listen in a different way anticipating the rhyme?

So today I started illustrating the Alexander story verse for the Daily Ease colouring book. My plan is that each illustration has a rhyming teaching aid to go with it.


About 3 years ago a very strange thing happened …

Rhyming verses started ‘downloading’ into my head. I literally couldn’t write them down fast enough.The result is a huge file of Alexander Technique inspired verse. They are a great resource for my teaching but I have also felt a bit guilty not doing more with them as it felt like something I was given. (Weird but true!) … But a huge book of poems? Hmmm!

I got stuck and they have sat in my drawer!

By the way I had never written anything like it before nor since! So all a bit strangely wonderful.


I am delighted to be making a colouring book. It’s a challenge and will take me a bit of time but I am UP for it!

I can cherry pick some verses and illustrate them and make a resource for kids and adults too. It feels right.
Work in progress … should be ready by September at the latest.


Hope you like the idea? Your feedback and ideas hugely appreciated!

Ok, back to the drawing board ….. literally!


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