Slow Cooked Art!

When you have been painting for years you, the artist, are inevitably left with a pile of ‘also ran’ paintings …

The ones that were just not that good, the ones that no-one snapped up, or the ones that you turned to the wall because you couldn’t resolve the problem you set yourself by starting!


It is part of the process …


Last week I decided to go through the pile of  ‘iffy’ paintings and see if I could finish any and find the magic wow factor.


There was a bit of logic in my decision to do this …

I have two one woman shows coming up and need a lot of work …

I am also curating a group show locally …


Revisiting the also ran paintings is smart art, as the majority of work is already done … it is just the illusive finishing point that needs to be found.


I got into the flow of reworking and achieved a lot …  thoroughly enjoying myself, I think it shows …


It is almost as though some paintings have to cook in the oven of your mind before you can see the way to resolution. This cooking process can sometimes take years! This batch of paintings are the slow cookers and I am really pleased with the result.


All currently available on my website from £100 upwards, click on titles … I hope you like the results?

A visual feast of African heat … animals poised in the sun or on the run …




Pink Puddles






In the Same Direction



Listening into the Depth












Zebra Crossing



Leopard Grass


Upcoming Exhibitions 2017

Edinburgh Festival Exhibition, Glass and Thompson, 2 Dundas Street Edinburgh. Starts 4th August …

Romance of the Falls, Group Exhibition, The Tollbooth, Lanark, Starts 12th October

Open Studio at my house – weekend of 28-29th October

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