Diary of an Exhibition – Midsummer’s New Moon

It is the summer solstice and a new moon …

A strange energetic time shift ….

A turning point …

Am I the only one who is feeling a bit strange, a bit tired, a bit well … moody?


I have been working on old paintings these past few weeks, attempting to resolve the past perhaps? It came to me, that despite my varied subject matter, there are three main themes  – movement, poise and humour …

Movement –  racing horses, waves, an E-type jaguar or an elephant thundering towards you …

Poise – a lion, a leopard, a startled hare, an equine portrait …

(both these themes are probably not surprising considering my other passion – the Alexander Technique.)

And humour in my cartoons and drawings … I just love love love line drawing and somehow always discount it as serious art but think it could be a major goal for the future.


It seems so obvious now to find these threads but was a surprising revelation from returning to old canvases and different subjects after a winter of painting the sea.


Finishing everything if you possibly can is a good discipline as you DO learn even if it can feel tiresome being that disciplined!


Today I took the strangeness of this midsummer energy to work up two more old paintings. I guess I am needing more resolution before the next part of the year spins into action and the days shorten again. A pause before undertaking the unknown voyage of painting the waterfalls at New Lanark for Romance of the Falls exhibition, following in the footsteps of Turner and other greats.


Here is the result of my midsummer madness ….

(By the way it is flipping cold in Scotland, so was in my winter studio clothes – a ski suit! Oh joy!)


Before ….



After ….


New Moon, Oil on Canvas, 100 x 120 cm



Before …


After …


‘Changing Tide’ Oil on Canvas, 40 x 50 cm


I think they are finished!


Upcoming Exhibitions 2017 


  • The Art of Kirsten Harris – Cartoon and Canvas, Edinburgh Festival Exhibition, Glass and Thompson, 2 Dundas Street 4th August – 3rd October
  • Moray Art Centre, Field of Dreams, Findhorn Foundation 28th August – 3rd October
  • Romance of the Falls, Group Exhibition, The Tolbooth, Lanark, Starts 12th October
  • Open Studio at my house, South Lanarkshire – weekend of 28-29th October  – PARTY!! ….





Detail – ‘New Moon’

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