The Field

Tinto and Stone Walls 23×30 cm Oil on Canvas


‘Paint the field of intention’.

The words ‘the field of intention’ were with me all day. A weird instruction from my ‘higher self’ if you want to call it that.  Words to override the blues and feeling that I might be a tad mad, that I woke up with. Too much time spent alone no doubt!

‘Paint the field of intention!’ …

Ok! I will paint the field … plein air paintings and see what happens … positive action. If in doubt .. Paint!


Always assisted by Maisie the day goes like this …. paint, throw the ball, paint, throw the ball … all day!

She makes it very easy and ensures the ball is in reach …

Both obsessively doing our own thing and keeping each other company.

Crazy Maisie and Me!



I watched a documentary recently about the Japanese artist Hokusai 1760-1849 – who in later life called himself Old Man Crazy to Paint. He did a famous series of woodblocks called 36 views of Mount Fuji. It came to mind as a bit of artistic license crept in – Tinto Hill started to appear in some of the landscapes.  Not quite Mount Fuji, but I can feel a series of paintings coming on with views of Tinto! I can see Tinto Hill, with it’s distinctive profile, from the other side of my house.

Ideas come when you paint …


I have mainly avoided landscape painting for a long time but was encouraged back to it the other day by a neighbour. Thank you! I enjoyed my day doing these small oil paintings, studies in the field of the field. A blue start got colourful.






Hay Field and Scots Pines, 23×30 cm, Oil on Canvas



Field with Sheep, 23×30 cm, Oil on Canvas



Tinto and Stone Walls, 23x30cm, Oil on Canvas



Rain Clouds, 23x30cm, Oil on Canvas



Enclosures 23×30 cms Oil on Canvas



Rain Clouds and Cows, 35x35cm,Oil on Canvas



Grass Field, 23 x 30cm, Oil on Canvas



The Field of Intention, 23 x 30cm, Oil on Canvas


Summer Clouds, 23 x 30cm, Oil on Canvas







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