Painting ‘Too Big’ and ‘Too Small!’

During lockdown I was kindly gifted two large canvases by a friend, as they were ‘just too big’ and some mini canvases by another friend as they were ‘just too small.’

They say – don’t look a gift horse in the mouth, and I was delighted. Here’s what I did with the too big and too small canvases.

I’m enjoying a palette of earthy colours and using copper, gold and silver paints.


These two paintings are 100 x 150 cm. I had the initial idea of surrounding the rearing horse by foals, but at this stage it doesn’t feel necessary. I usually leave the work for a bit when I get this far as I get kind of ‘eye-blind’ as to whether it needs more work or not. This style of painting is done standing up in my studio (aka ex garage) and is very spontaneous and free flowing. I do no underlying drawing, but just draw with paint.

Ascension by Kirsten Harris.
100 x 150 cm

After the weeks painting big I found it strangely addictive painting on a very small scale and was sorry when I used up all the wee canvases so bought some wooden blanks to make some Christmas decorations in order to keep painting small…


I think I may turn out to be the only person in the world who likes my Christmas decorations as they are very muted. But I had fun quietly sitting painting angels, fairies and winged horses and right now doing something you love seems to be a very good plan! I haven’t got another one. Self unemployed might be an apt description if I wasn’t a work-a-holic artist!

And now to make up this week. Maybe paint something a sensible size that is neither ‘too big’ nor ‘too small!?

Stay safe



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