20-20 Vision – My Top 20 Prints – Black and White

I thought I would make a blog collection of my favourite 20 prints, as part of my 20-20 blog series with a bit of info about the ideas behind each drawing. Seemed like an easy idea but it’s taken hours to put together.

Click on the titles, they will take you to the appropriate page on the website.

All prints are black and white. All hand signed and titled A4 size prints are £20/$26

So, as they say, at number one we have …but really in no particular order…

1 – If Wishes Were Horses – this drawing went viral. When I drew this image I thought it was a bit scratchy but was too tired to redraw the idea so posted it to my facebook page Kirsten Harris Art, where it flew into cyberspace and created a stir. Which goes to show how much I know about my own art!

If Wishes Were Horses

2 – Four Winds Medicine Wheel – I woke up one morning with this idea in my head, so jumped out of bed and drew it. The winds of creation, deep space, feathers and horses – light and power. Goodness knows what I had been dreaming about that night, but the image is like a portal, like sleep itself.

Four Winds Medicine Wheel by Kirsten Harris

3 – The Journey – I was invited to a hen party to zip wire in the forest. I found my body locking down which was horrible and embarrassing. I bowed out as the forming queue behind me didn’t allow the space enough space to process what was going on. How often do people push horses without giving them enough space to process what is being asked? This drawing is about how everyone, including horses, sometimes need time to find courage to move forward on the journey. As I drew I wondered which is the easier or harder choice – going down the pole or forward on the wire? Saying yes or saying no?

The Journey by Kirsten Harris

4 – In Our Hands – 5 horses balance on the finger tips. Life balances in our hands. Are our hands balanced or greedy and grasping?

In Our Hands by Kirsten Harris

5 – Trust – I hope this drawing speaks for itself?

Trust by Kirsten Harris

6 – The Guardians – I see a stand of pine trees from my studio. One day the trees seem to turn into horses and a new series of drawings and paintings emerged.

The Guardians by Kirsten Harris

7 How The Cat Got Nine Lives – A cat tries to catch dandelion clocks. Nine clocks in his paws and a dandelion seed cat in the wind. The cat is based on my neighbours cat, Orlando, who often watches what is going on at mine, perched on the fence.

How the Cat Got Nine Lives by Kirsten Harris

8 – How to Make a Dream Come True – I suspect at different times in life we have all experienced the different stages of the drawing, sometimes watching others longingly and sometimes the active participant.

How to Make a Dream Come True by Kirsten Harris

9 – The Magic Stop – A drawing for horse riders. Stopping a horse on an out breath, sensitivity and poise, forward and up into movement.

10 – Dawn Magic – I’m and early riser, I love the dawn, the quietness, the light, the cobwebs and dew. This drawing is the idea that all sorts of magic abounds before we wake up such as horses growing wings and walking on silken threads.

Dawn Magic by Kirsten Harris

11 – The Magic Forest – Magic is everywhere, horses know it, sense it in the wind and teach us dense humans too!

The Magic Forest

12 – Feel – Another drawing for riders. I used to have a cockatiel called Custard, a wonderful, incredibly tame bird who was given to me one night in a pub in the Welsh mountains and I took home on the train. The delicate light feel of a bird sitting on my finger, the feel of a horse balancing. I drew this with one hand, the other hand modelling for the drawing.

Feel by Kirsten Harris

13 – In Nature We Find Ourselves – this drawing is based on three old Scot’s pines at the end of my neighbours field. I have photographed them hundreds of times, usually from where the horse in the drawing is standing. The ‘three sisters’ are part of my daily winter walk, when the farmers cows are inside. I look forward to winter as this walk inspires me every day. The same walk with a different view each day.

In Nature We Find Ourselves by Kirsten Harris

14 – When Dreams Fly – When dreams and aspirations, hopes and wishes fly out into the world, magic happens. Make them good ones. Seeds like wishes can fly over mountains.

When Dreams Fly by Kirsten Harris

15 – Sky Horses – Feathers represent angels for many people, so horses and feathers seemed a perfect combination.

Sky Horses by Kirsten Harris

16 – Transformation From seeds to horses to seeds. Life is about continual transformation, one way or another, whether we like it or not, life is about change.

Transformation by Kirsten Harris

17 – Connections – Webs of muscles and connective tissue, webs of thought and direction, the intricate connections of the web of life. This drawing took some working out. It’s not been a popular seller as a print but I really like it, as it says a lot to me about thinking riding and spatial awareness in movement.

Connections by Kirsten Harris

18 – To Earth We Return

Life and death through the journey of a tree. Inspired by the old beech trees in this area of South Lanarkshire and a commitment to keep planting trees.

To Earth We Return by Kirsten Harris

19 – Heart Horse – This drawing uses heart shapes only to create the horses head. It took a bit of working out but I think it looks like a horse.

Heart Horse by Kirsten Harris

20 – The Witching Hour – Horse trees, cats, witches, horses, spider’s webs and an owl. I had great fun drawing this.

The Witching Hour

All prints – www.kirstenharrisart.co.uk

Prints are £20/ £30 – Click on the titles to go directly to my shop.

Thank you for looking!

My next 20-20 blog will be about unicorns, the symbol of Scotland with original sketches from £20.

Stay safe and

Best wishes, Kirsten x

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