Tao Te Ching – Eighteen

When the great Tao is forgotten,

Kindness and morality and arise.

When wisdom and intelligence are born,

The great pretence begins.

When there is no peace within the family,

Filial piety and devotion arise.

When the country is confused and in chaos,

Loyal ministers appear.



When The Tao is forgotten…

I didn’t write for the last two days as have been totally absorbed in problem solving shelved paintings, as well as trying to come to terms with acrylic paint. Everything else forgotten.

I have felt stuck in a rut for so long that I wanted to keep pushing through.

Breakthroughs appearing through just staying with it. 12 hour days painting. My arm is sore today so a day off I think.

Painted over some landscapes that I didn’t like. Adding drama though rethinking the design and contrasts.

Lots in the last two days feel like jumping off places to move forward. Will share more discoveries tomorrow. Today my little landscape reworks… I am feeling breakthroughs in these so looking forward to exploring landscape from start and not as paint overs but really need to rethink oil paints as my lungs not happy. So exploring mode – open to chaos to find a new way forward in art and life.

(Just remembered my dream. I was walking up a hill and something was pushing my up. An invisible hand on my back giving me momentum and energy. The hill was overlooking Princess St Gardens in Edinburgh but wasn’t Edinburgh.

The night before I dreamt dad was telling me he had bought a castle up North for us, the oldest castle in Scotland, and I had to go and find it. I did and it was part of a restaurant in a modern ugly shopping centre! The ancient huge hearth and old stone walls were still visible. The restaurant was being done up, so in chaos.)


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