Art of Positivity!

Is there such a thing as a mistake?

There’s a philosophical question if there ever was one!

Maybe everything really IS always working out perfectly…

Sometimes it feels hard to know but loving the artfulness of an attitude of positivity, I would have to choose to say, ‘yes to perfection!’

As Einstein said ‘The most important decision in life is to decide whether it is a friendly or a hostile Universe!’

So when I am hurt, pissed off, angry, disappointed, scared, sick or injured, everything is working out perfectly…

And when I am happy, contented, joyous, healthy, laughing and full of beans it is too…

Whether a painting is going well or badly in entirely subjective.

It’s the Yin Yang, the ‘and but’ of life – holding duality in one’s mind and seeing, or aiming to see, an ever expanding bigger picture. 

It’s bloody challenging at times! 

One way of finding out whether one’s thinking about something is unhelpful is to ask the question that author Byron Katy works so brilliantly with ‘Is it true?’ 

Try it next time you find your thinking in a bit of a negative rut. 

When you really look at the question there is always more than one answer, which in itself is liberating as it allows ease and freedom, a state which in itself is ever potentially creative.

Take it easy!

Love Kirsten

Two paintings I had a lot of fun with… Maisie and Action Man. Yes, I have conversations with a bird called Action Man…

No! by Kirsten Harris, Acrylic on Board, 12 x 12 inches

Action Man by Kirsten Harris, Acrylic on Board, 12 x 12 inches
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