Dusting my Whimsies!

I love things – old things, odd things, quirky things, kitsch things, inspiring things, hand made things! It’s deeply unfashionable to like things in this world where minimilism is seen as spiritual and billions of tons of stuff are dumped into landfill every year!


I am an unashamed lover of things!

A few weeks ago I decided to follow my enjoyment of collectibles as inspiration to make art, thereby giving myself the perfect excuse to carry on being a collector of stuff and nonsense.

It all came about at the car boot sale where I found myself entranced by a box of Whimsies, small ornaments made by Wade. I collected them as a child, eagerly spending my pocket money buying one a week but they had long since disappeared from my life.

I somehow found myself buying the entire box of Whimsies. 115 of them to be precise! Utter madness, but great fun having coffee with mum and going through the collection. Steptoe and Mum! It was worth the buy just for the laughs and memories evoked of those days back in Nork!

Later I told a friend and fellow thing lover about my crazy purchase and her spontaneous response was ‘Omg, you’re going to have to dust them!’ ‘Yes! I’ll be dusting my whimsies!’ I quipped back and we burst into hysterical, delightful, childish, fnar, fnar giggles.

And so an idea was born.

Introducing ‘Dusting My Whimsies’….

They make me smile…

‘This Little Piggy Went to the Car Boot Sale’ Mixed Media
‘Oh Dear! What Can the Matter Be?’ Mixed Media
‘Oh Duck!’ Mixed Media


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