The Horse in Motion – After Muybridge

When I drew ‘If Wishes Were Horses’ (see below) I looked at this early still animation by pioneering photographer Edweard Muybridge (1830 – 1940) for the differences in the horses movement.

The Horse in Motion by Edweard Muybridge

This week I decided to pay homage to Muybridge with a large mixed media painting. Again I was interested in the differences. This time, as well as the differences in the anatomy of the horse in motion I wanted to attempt to paint each horse differently yet to create a unified whole. I wanted it at first glance to be an abstract piece and then for the horses to reveal themselves with a sense of movement.

I thoroughly enjoyed painting it.

Two people have seen the finished painting in person so far and both without prompting said the same thing which made my hear sing – “It looks like a black and white animation.’

The Horse in Motion – after Muybridge
Mixed Media on Canvas, 150 x 100 cm
Original Available
Detail from The Horse in Motion – after Muybridge
Detail from The Horse inD Motion After Muybridge
Detail from The Horse in Motion After Muybridge
If Wishes Were Horses by Kirsten Harris, Available as a hand signed and titled print.
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Work in Progress – I go a bit wild to start off, then get more refined as I go along!
The finished painting – ‘ The Horse in Motion, after Muybridge’

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Kirsten x

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