Advent Calendar – 3rd December – This Too Shall Pass!

This too shall pass, such a useful thought in hard and stressful times! A thought that asks us to change our attitude in the moment and be hopeful, knowing that life is short and everything changes. Change is the only certainty.

Crows flock around the Horse Trees. Crows, intelligent, creative and adaptable, a crow feather worn as a head dress was used to amplify psychic abilities.

The Horse Trees are inspired by Scots Pines. Scots Pine is a native of the once extensive Caledonian Forest, the ancient temperate rainforest of Scotland of which only tiny fragments remain, and is the only native timber-producing pine in Scotland. The Scots Pine is known as a pioneer species, due to its ability to regenerate and thrive in poor soils and has a lifespan of 300 years supporting 172 insect species. A wondrous tree.

I wonder why then, do we see endless non-native pine plantations here in Scotland when it’s so easy to grow a useful native pine that also supports wildlife?

The horse finds shelter and comfort from the bitter wind. His gaze is turned towards the trees implying here is an answer – find creative solutions to problems. Don’t pass nature by! Everything we need is already here.

‘This too shall pass’ – attributed to Medieval Persian Sufi poets.

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