Advent Calendar – 7th December – The Merlin Tree

Merlin, the sovereign’s magician, not so much one person but a wisdom tradition, a lineage from the heart of the ancient forests of Britain.

Merlin is an important mythical figure, a myth being an idea in which man tries to make sense of the world. He embraces many archetypes – shaman, healer, mystic, animal communicator, alchemist, wise man, hermit, sage, shape-shifter, environmentalist, teacher, green man…

Merlin, the myths tell us, was exiled to the Caledonian Forests, a period of ‘madness’ roaming the vast wild woods of Scotland, where he is enlightened and connects with his magical powers.

It’s fascinating how spending time with trees and wilderness are a process of initiation and enlightenment in so many traditions world-wide.

This drawing is inspired by Merlindale, near Drumelzier here is Scotland where it is said Merlin died.

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Returned to The Merlin Tree today adding layers of wash to the pencil on canvas. Work in progress. 80 x 100 cm

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