Advent Calendar – 9th December – The Clearing

Christmas is hard for lots of people when perhaps it could be about being light?

In the Christmas story three kings follow a star looking for a new born child. In my mind the three kings represent aspects of our psyche – love, creativity and hope are my choices. The star is light, inspiration, guidance and the child symbolises transformation and rebirth…

A horse rests by a stream. The flowing water clears away fear, stagnation, negativity… The horse is bathed in light. Wise father time is represented by the horse trees yet there is a chaos and confusion around him too, rooted in the past and habits of old.

The horse simply observes – by slowing down to let go he rejuvenates his inner light for the coming year.

Why cut down trees and cover them in artificial lights to experience the illumination they represent?

The Clearing – Pencil and watercolour of paper. Copyright

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