24th December – Warning! Christmas Tree Cracker Jokes!

It was the Firs Noel –

‘Trees be with you, And also with you!’ said Firther Xmas to his wee elf, trying to think of a tree joke to enliven his Xmas cracker.

He’d been playing with his crackers all day and his hands had pins and needles. Firther Xmas was stumped. His crackers were a joke. Surely this was elemen-tree fun for an old hand!

‘Rudolph, how are we going to make this tired old tree stand upright?’ asked Firther Xmas.

‘Cover it in hornaments’ Rudolph quipped, giving his baubles a shake.

‘Fir he’s a jolly good fella!’ snorted Firther Xmas looking at the Claus in his contract.

‘It’s the last day before Xmas. I must finish this log today!’ he barked to his elf.

‘One tree-mendous pun and I’ll be there!’ he mumbled wondering if there was any mileage in a joke about coming from the North Pole?

Firther Xmas wished he was more like Spruce Willis. ‘There’s not much action in Xmas tree jokes.’ He looked ruefully at his crackers and wondered if he could finish now.

And with that Firther Xmas took off his Santa hat and put on his welly boots. He had lots of trees to plant this coming year and his tree jokes were making him green.

Merry Christmas and Trees on Earth!

May the Forest be With You!

Firther Xmas smiled to himself

‘I’ve still got it!’


My apologies for the terrible jokes.

Thank you for following this advent blog. Have a good Xmas and creative New Year. Here’s to hoping that lots of lovely, life-giving, glorious hardwood and native trees get planted world-wide this coming year!

Much love Kirsten x

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