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Advent Calendar – 17th December – The Language of Wolves

Wolves howl to display togetherness. Howls are among many vocal sounds canines make as any dog owner will know. My dog howls when the 1pm Thursday siren sounds at Carstairs State Hospital or if she hears bagpipes! Crazy Maisie!

The Romans and Saxons reported Britain to be abundant with wolves. Wolves are now extinct here due to deforestation and active hunting through the bounty system. The last wolf recorded was killed in the 14th century in Kent.

We know deforestation destroys species and yet world-wide we continue to chop down pristine forest wildernesses. When will it stop? How can we get it to stop? Someone told me the other day they hate trees because they make a mess! Such ignorance makes me want howl in despair!

My only solution is to aim to find ways to keep planting trees and hopefully encourage others to do so too and somehow educate the tree haters! If a drawing or a bit of writing resonates and this advent blog sees someone somewhere deciding to plant a tree or motivates a group to come together to create a community orchard or woodland, it will have been a good idea. Personally this advent calendar is further pointing me to in the direction of art for trees. Somehow….

Sorry to be a bit mournful today, I’ll aim to draw something cheery and festive for tomorrow.