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Advent Calendar – 13th December – We Tree Kings

Although a tad ‘bah-humbug’ re the extent of commercial Xmas trees chopped, as opposed to a sea-change in thinking towards planting hardwoods for Christmas, I do love the smell of pine and will cut a branch to bring in.

Pine is an amazing natural healer full of Vitamin C as well as antibacterial. If you have a cut Xmas tree here are three gifts from your tree…

  • When the needles drop, boil in water then strain to spray on counter tops and floors for a natural, lovely smelling anti-bacterial spray.
  • Pine needles make a good tea or tincture and are full of vitamin C. For tincture leave in vodka for a few weeks and add a few drops to water when you need a boost.
  • For a pine needle foot bath, steep the needles, then bathe feet for 20 minutes in the warm water. The anti-bacterial properties will help clear any fungal infection in the feet as well as being soothing self care over the holiday period.