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Advent Calendar – 12th December – The Happiness of Drinking Tea with a Friend

A few years ago a friend gave me some cut willow branches. Easy peasy trees to grow, literally cut branches and stick into the ground in spring. Now I have trees growing drinking up some of the wet areas of ground here. But more than that…

  • Willow bark tea is known as nature’s aspirin. Peel bark from fresh branches and boil for ten minutes, then steep for thirty minutes before drinking.
  • Cut branches in a vase make a beautiful winter display and will soon start to root to plant in spring. A reminder in winter of the promise of life held in a twig – a vase of magical willow wands! (Change the water once a week.)
  • Horses love to eat willow, a natural painkiller willow helps to reduce swelling and inflammation.

If any local friends would like some willow branches now or in the spring, please let me know, I’d be delighted to cut some for you.

The Happiness of Drinking Tea with Friend, Acrylic on Canvas, 60 x 60 cm. Inspired by willow pattern and an appreciation of the simple things in life. Available at The Tolbooth, Lanark Christmas Exhibition.