Diary of an Exhibition – Lunatic

Diary of an Exhibition – Lunatic


I have been busy – painting like a crazy loon

Well it is a super lune

Super moon


This painting has been hanging around my studio all summer – unfinished, unsure how I was going to move forward with it…


Today I started working on a seascape and as I did my usual, madly attempt to cover the white canvas as quickly as possible, I had an idea to work on this canvas too. That the super moon had awoken a new horse power….sea charged!


As I painted the words ‘The Moon Woke Me’ rattled around my head, a title…





‘The Moon Woke Me’

Oil on Canvas

152 x 100 cms






It is a huge painting…


Then I went back to the seascape… thinking about how the moon affects the sea, affects bodies, waves of energy emerging and subsiding..

Wishing I lived closer to the sea to go there tonight..




Oil on Canvas 100 x 80 cms – unfinished (?)


So why lunatic?

Because my lungs hurt, even though I have been wearing the crazy spectacle steaming mask!


I feel like an utter crazy lunatic – a super loon indeed!


I know I have breathed too many fumes from oil paint over 30 years of painting

I am sensitive to the fumes…. worse luck!

Yet because I love oil paint best, like a loony, I persist for it’s feel


I am feeling mega cheesed off and wheezy

Maybe the super moon is illuminating my super stupidity!


So tonight I keep going outside to breathe fresh air, working my lungs, hoping for the prickly feeling to GO AWAY!


Lots of Alexander Technique Whispered Ah’s…..

Waves of life

Breathe out, breathe out,  breathe out – let go…

Allow the fresh and new in…


And out there – not a super moon in sight

Just a dank dark cloudy Scottish night and a lunatic stubborn artist who probably had better give up oil paints!


So, what happens next? I don’t know…A new moon!?


But one way or another, I am going to have to pack up my oils for now, to clear out the gunk of fumes that is hurting me and experiment with other mediums for a while…


(William Blake has come into my life in weird ways twice in two days – so maybe it’s a signpost forward… Time to look at William Blake again… I love his work… tomorrow….)






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